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Ham Radio through the years

A hundred years ago everything that had to do with radio frequencies was mysterious and everyone who worked with it was a pioneer at his best. For a long time the worldwide radio has been the only possibility to stay in contact with the entire world. When in 1969 the ARPANET was lauched in the USA as a predecessor of the internet the world of HAM RADIO was widely intact. A big antenna was a landmark showing the residence of a radio operator. In the 90th internet came and cell-phones began to spread around.For many of us the hobby became less interesting. The antennas became smaller, the activities faded away.
But still it is fun to listen to weak signals and to look for new challenges.

Software as a chance

The computer is an unresting helper. The internet provides data for propagation prediction, which can be computed on the fly. And you can find OMs for a short test on short waves.


Some years ago I started to write a program, that can do a lot for me. Primarily it was important that it runs under Windows, Linux and OS X.
Most important was the ability to identify a heard signal. You can do this for broadcatsters as well as for utility-station. With time more and more bricks were added: A DX-Cluster-client, which tells you if that station might be contacted. A logbook was of cousre there as well as worldmap with many features.
With few clicks you can get all data for a heard call and even see where the signal came from in google-earth.

More in the Forum and under Downloads.


A collection of links leads to other radio sites.

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